Setting up MiniVAN for Canvassing

MiniVAN is a canvassing app used for campaigns. In the past, canvassing required volunteers to carry clip boards and long paper lists. Now, volunteers can simply download MiniVAN, and input info into the campaign database in real time. MiniVAN also supports volunteer progress. If your campaign isn’t using MiniVAN just yet, follow these steps for set-up.

  1. Download the MiniVAN App.
    • iOS (iPhones) - Search MiniVan Touch in app store.
    • Android phones - Search MiniVan in Google Play Store.  
  2. Create an ActionID. (Only necessary for first time MiniVAN or Van users. If already created, move to step 3.)
    • Create a password. Long passwords are always a good idea. Better yet, use a password manager to create and save your password. 
  3. Log-in to MiniVAN.
    • You may be asked for a list number. Once inputted, you can download your canvass list and get started!

If you have any questions about setting up or using MiniVAN, you can ask for support on Ragtag Helpdesk!

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