2FA one of the most important ways to protect your online accounts. Now that you've chosen what type of 2FA to use, make sure that you never lose access to your accounts by saving your account backup codes.

Important Note

Backup codes should be printed and stored in your wallet, house, safety deposit box or another safe location. They shouldn't be saved on your computer or anywhere your computer can access, like the cloud. Doing this would make them vulnerable to malware on your computer. 

When you first set up 2FA - on your email account, for example - the provider will most likely make a set of backup codes available. Print these out and save them in case you ever lose the device you've put your 2FA app on, or your security key. Hopefully, you'll never need them, but if you do lose your phone or security key, having the backup codes will allow you to log into your account.

Another way to ensure that you're always able to log into your accounts is to get two security keys. If you can afford this option, you can set up both keys as your second factor. Keep one with you for everyday use, and keep the second in a safe place, in case of emergency.

For help setting up your 2FA device, sign up for a training with a Ragtag volunteer. 

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