Our Approach to Effective Digital Security

Effective security requires good human habits and tech solutions.

Each of our security guides will help you accomplish an important step in a broader security plan. But no single step alone is sufficient for you or your organization to be secure. Each step you take to develop a good habit or use a tech solution will add a layer to your digital security. Our goal is to give you the information you need to help you confidently take the most important digital security steps.

For a comprehensive guide to campaign security, please see the Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook by the Belfer Center at Harvard University. The Ragtag Helpdesk team is here to help you implement the best practices described in these guides, and others.

Below are our digital security guides, arranged by topic:

Two-Factor Authentication
Navigating 2FA: Everything You Need to Know

Password Managers
Password Manager Basics
Guide to Choosing a Password Manager

Don’t Get Phished!
How to Spot a Phishing Email
How to Use Email Safely and Avoid Phishing
How to Respond if You Receive a Suspicious Email

Sharing Accounts with a Team
Sharing Accounts 101
Delegating Email Accounts to Others
Delegating Social Media Accounts to Others
Account Sharing: When Sharing Passwords is Your Only Option

Securing Your Devices
5 Ways to Increase Security on Your Windows or Mac Computer

Using WiFi Confidently
What’s Wrong with Free WiFi?
What Steps Should You Always Take When Using Any WiFi Network?

Using Alternatives to Email
6 Steps to Better Digital Security with Slack
What is Encryption and Why Should I Encrypt My Communications
Apps for Encrypted Communications

For Campaigns
How to Implement the DNC’s Security Checklist

You can see all of our digital security articles here. If you get stuck, and need help, contact Ragtag Helpdesk. If you'd like to learn more, request a training for your organization.



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