Top 10 Hustle Tips (That Also Work Nicely with Other Text Banking Tools)

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New to text banking? Ready to get started with Hustle? 

Here are 10 tips for making the most of the most epic voter outreach tool of 2018.

Hustle is an app for text banking. Text banking is similar to phone banking, but (you guessed it!) instead of making phone calls, you send text messages to potential supporters and potential voters. So, while you've probably used a phone before, you might feel like you need a little more guidance when it comes to using a text banking app like Hustle. 

You're in luck! Ragtag and DigiDems have a guide for you. 

#1 Form a relationship with your contact.

You will be the point person for that contact on Hustle, so be personable and friendly, but above all, polite and professional.

    • In some instances, the amount of time that you'll be in contact with them will be short - for example, if you're sending them a reminder to vote or that their volunteer shift is tomorrow.
    • In some instances, if the conversation becomes more involved, you may have a chance to gain a committed advocate or volunteer for the campaign. Feel it out and be yourself.
    • DO NOT text like an email. Act as if you are texting a friend. Every time you contact someone, first think, would I write this to my friend on my phone?.

#2 Use emoji. Emoji are 👍.

People respond to emoji. DO NOT overuse emoji. Paragraphs of emoji are unreadable and off-putting. 

#3 Do not go rogue!

Remember that your texts sent through Hustle are readable by your Hustle Organizer, so DO NOT GO ROGUE! If you have doubts about what to say in a response, reach out to your Hustle Organizer first.

#4 Technical issues? Try a reset.

If you have any technical issues with the app, you can reset Hustle by turning it off and on again. It may fail to load the next target or it may misread a tap on the “send” button as a tap on the message, causing you to have to hit send twice. If resetting does not clear up the problem after a few tries, inform your Hustle Organizer so they can flag the issue with Hustle.

#5 Don't leave your targets on read.

If your Hustle bank targets people on a “first come first served” basis, it is important that you respond to targets promptly. Failure to do so can clutter the responses queue, making it hard for individual hustlers to see their responses. (Each reply workflow hosts a maximum of 20 responses.)

#6 Do your clicking yourself.

The use of an autoclicker for web-based Hustle Banking is NOT recommended. Although it would allow you to quickly get through your workflows, it will become an impediment to responses, as the clicking function may interfere with your ability to see replies. It’s also important to note that using an autoclicker is NOT compliant with telecommunications regulations. On a "first come first served" list, this will clutter the response workflow for your fellow Hustle bankers, and seeing as your goal is to respond to contacts within 30 minutes, this will interfere with the conversational pace that makes Hustle most useful.

#7 When to not engage.

You WILL receive hostile texts or aggressive messages in all caps. (If they can tweet it, they can text it). Do not engage. Simply ignore anyone with foul language or behavior, as they’re either unpersuadable or going to ask to be opted out anyway. Remember, getting into a flamewar will only make you and the campaign you are texting for look bad.

# 8 You might get a phone call when you're just expecting texts.

You may also be called by prospective targets. The number will be from the 707 area code, not the area code to which you are texting. This is because the calls are routed through Hustle before they get to your phone, so that you will never see that person’s phone number. Please reach out to your Hustle Organizer for guidance about handling phone calls. Some may want you to answer, others may not.

#9 When in doubt, ask your Organizer.

Some people will respond to your texts asking for details about your candidate’s policy positions, so be ready to answer general questions on major issues. Don't forget about the pre-written responses that your Organizer should have already set up for you in Hustle. If you get asked detailed questions about specific points or about issues you’re unsure of, don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know! If this happens, or if you're ever unsure about what to do, flag the question for your Hustle Organizer. Do NOT give an answer that you're not sure of, or that hasn't been approved by your Hustle Organizer. When you're text banking, you represent the campaign, and what you say could be used in the media or by your opponent against the campaign.

#10 Represent your campaign well.

Never forget that you represent the campaign while Hustle Banking. You must remain professional and courteous regardless of the responses you receive. Do not make up answers, respond to hostility with hostility, or provide sarcastic replies, and do not promise anything that you have no authority to deliver.

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