Boost Your Site's Reach With These SEO Tips

Now that you've built your campaign site, how do you get people there? SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting traffic to your website. We’ve compiled this list of three quick tips to get your site noticed by search engines like Google and Bing, and get more of your constituent's eyes on your message.

It's all about the inbound links.

Search engines are designed to show people information that is relevant to them, based on their search terms. How do they do that? Well, each search engine has its own special sauce,  but there are some things that they all look for. One of the big ones is inbound links.

Inbound links are links on external websites that lead to yours. Search engines assume that if other sites link to your content, then your content must be interesting and relevant. Getting inbound links to your site, then, is one of the most effective ways to get your website noticed by search engines.

Share updates on social media

Social media can be key to getting the word out about your campaign, and about your site. If you've got a blog, you can set up automatic posts to your social accounts when you post a new entry. Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative suggests to “bookmark your posts on popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg to create additional site mentions, citations, and backlinks.”

Use images correctly

Images are an important part of a visually engaging website, but there are a few tricks to getting them right. Really big images can increase the time it takes for your page to load, which decreases a search engine's interest in the page. So if your page is loading slowly, see if you can get away with a smaller file size for your images.

Keep in mind that search engines can't actually see the visual splendor of your images. What the search engine actually sees on your images are the "ALT tags." ALT tags are the descriptive text you can associate with an image on a website. To make sure your images have the necessary ALT tags and text descriptions, make sure that you add an image description whenever you see that option in your site builder. It is also helpful to give descriptive file names to your image files before you upload them. Instead of "picture.png," use a more descriptive file name, like "OurCampaignStaff.png."

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