How do I fill a bus with canvassers using Nomad?

Nomad is a carpool coordination tool. With these tips, organizations can also use it to coordinate bus rides for large groups of volunteers.

Make sure that the campaign staff member or volunteer who is coordinating the bus travel creates the carpool on the “Give a Ride” screen This will ensure that they receive email whenever anyone signs up for a seat on the bus and can approve or deny those requests. Create a carpool with at least as many empty seats as there are on the bus.


Don’t worry if you create a carpool that has more empty seats than are really available. Once you’ve filled the bus, you can deny new passenger requests.

If you need a list of everyone on your bus, go to the “Admin Tools”, look in “Drivers and Riders”, and export the CSV. Load it into Excel or Google Sheets and sort by the Carpool ID to separate out your bus passengers.

If you don’t have access to the admin tools, speak to the Nomad administrator for your campaign.

If you’re a volunteer who’d like to carpool-to-canvass, see which campaigns and organizations are using Nomad.

If you’re a campaign organizer who’d like to use Nomad to organize your volunteers, contact Ragtag.

If you have other questions about Nomad, view our help guides.

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