I want to offer a carpool in Nomad but the destination I want isn’t an option

There are a couple reasons why the destination you want may not be available when you create a new carpool.

First, the campaign may not be using Nomad. You can get in touch with the campaign and ask them if they’re using Nomad to bring in carpooling volunteers. If they’re not, you can suggest they check out ragtag.org/nomad to find out more.

Second, the campaign may be using Nomad, but they’ve decided to make a different destination their priority. If that’s the case, try offering a carpool to that destination instead.

If you’re a volunteer who’d like to carpool-to-canvass, see which campaigns and organizations are using Nomad.

If you’re a campaign organizer who’d like to use Nomad to organize your volunteers, contact Ragtag.

If you have other questions about Nomad, view our help guides.

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