I don’t have any passenger requests to join my carpool in Nomad

There could be several reasons why your carpool hasn’t filled up yet. Maybe not enough people know about the opportunity to get in a carpool to go canvass! You can spread the word to local political party organizations and clubs, local activist and issue advocacy groups, and your friends and family.

It could be that so many people have offered carpools in your area that there just aren’t enough riders to fill them all! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! When you get to the canvass staging location, the organizers may split the big groups into smaller ones and spread out to cover more territory, and they might need more drivers.

If you’re really concerned about the lack of ride requests in your area, make sure you reach out to the campaign or organization administering Nomad and share that information with them, so that they can support you if possible and do more recruitment.

If you’re a volunteer who’d like to carpool-to-canvass, see which campaigns and organizations are using Nomad.

If you’re a campaign organizer who’d like to use Nomad to organize your volunteers, contact Ragtag.

If you have other questions about Nomad, view our help guides.

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