Communicating successfully via social media is critical for campaigns.

That's why it’s important to secure your personal and campaign media accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA). See below for instructions for some of the most popular platforms.


Facebook allows users to use 2FA on their accounts via an app as well as a security key. They also offer a Security Checkup, a Privacy Checkup, and a security pilot program designed specifically for campaigns. For more information on each of these features, visit


Twitter’s instructions for setting up 2FA indicate that the platform supports 2FA through an authentication app or a security key. The Safety and Security section on Twitter’s Help Center also addresses how to report impersonation accounts, and steps to take if your account has been compromised or attacked.


Instagram allows for setting up 2FA via an app, but the platform does not yet allow use of a security key. Instructions are available on their website. Instagram’s Help Center has a Privacy and Safety Center, which includes information on what to do if you think your account has been hacked, and how to report to law enforcement.


Snapchat supports 2FA via one-time-codes sent to an app. Snapchat Support also has information on how to handle an account hack.

If multiple staff members need to manage a single social media account for your campaign, many platforms allow you to delegate accounts, rather than share login credentials. For help with this, see our guide, Delegating Social Media Accounts to Others.


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