Nomad is a carpool coordination tool developed by the volunteer technologists of Ragtag. It is a mobile-friendly web app. It can be used, without any download necessary, by anyone with an internet connection on their computer or smartphone.

Nomad helps volunteers self-organize into carpools to travel to districts where their canvassing can have the biggest effect. Nomad helps campaigns or organizations move their volunteers from where the volunteers are to where those volunteers are most needed.

Volunteer drivers offer carpools to destinations set by the campaign or organization. Volunteers looking for a ride search for carpools leaving near them and request to join.

When a volunteer requests a ride, the driver is notified automatically and can accept or deny the rider. If the rider is accepted, Nomad automatically shares preferred contact information, and the driver and passengers vet each other and hash out any logistical details necessary for their trip. 

During Get Out The Vote in 2016, 922 canvassers used Nomad to carpool the 4½ hour trip from the San Francisco Bay Area in California to Reno, Nevada. Those canvassers knocked on 61,260 doors and turned out 10,414 voters (approx. 40% of the statewide margin of victory!).

If you’re a volunteer who’d like to carpool-to-canvass, see which campaigns and organizations are using Nomad.

If you’re a campaign organizer who’d like to use Nomad to organize your volunteers, contact Ragtag.

If you have other questions about Nomad, view our help guides.

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