I requested a ride in Nomad. What happens now?

An email has already been sent, automatically notifying the driver of the carpool of your request. They will accept or deny that request. If they accept, you’ll receive an email with their contact information, so you can get in touch with them, vet them, and arrange any final details of your carpool.

The driver may also deny you, or be slow to respond, so it’s sometimes worth applying for multiple carpools and seeing which one you get into first, as long as you cancel the extra requests once you’re confirmed somewhere.

To pass the time while you wait for the driver to respond, why don’t you tell your friends about the adventure you’re about to go on? See if they’ll join you!

If you’re a volunteer who’d like to carpool-to-canvass, see which campaigns and organizations are using Nomad.

If you’re a campaign organizer who’d like to use Nomad to organize your volunteers, contact Ragtag.

If you have other questions about Nomad, view our help guides.

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