Introduction to Phone Banking with HubDialer

To reach voters, your campaign may use a tool called HubDialer. The HubDialer predictive dialer tool dials out calls for you automatically, skipping all the voicemails and disconnected numbers and only connecting you to live people who pick up. You spend less time dialing numbers and waiting for the phone to ring, and much more time talking to voters. You don’t need a smartphone or to download anything—instead, you sign into the predictive dialer on your computer or tablet, make a regular phone call to the predictive dialer tool, and then it does all of the magic on its end.

The campaign will give you a link to access HubDialer in your browser. The ID and password might automatically be filled in, or the campaign may give you the ID code and password to enter for yourself. Once you enter your email, the ID code, and password, you’ll see instructions and an explanation from HubDialer, then a sample script and voter information.

Click “Let’s Get Started” and the predictive dialer tool will walk you through how to get connected. The process is like joining a conference call: you call the predictive dialer and then dial an access code. All of the information that you need to do this will be shown on your computer screen at the time you need it.

Your phone will be transmitting your voice to the voter and vice-versa, so if you're using a cell phone, it’s best to use a headset or earbuds. Be sure to plug them into your phone, not into your computer.

Once you are dialed into the predictive dialer, you'll need your hands to be free to record responses into the HubDialer interface on your computer, and to indicate to the dialer when you’re ready to talk to the next person. The dialer will take care of hanging up and making the next call for you, so remember to stay on the line and don’t hang up your phone. If you accidentally hang up your phone, it’s not a big deal, but you will have to log out and log back into the predictive dialer.

You’ll hear hold music and see a spinning image on your computer screen between connections, but when there’s a connection the hold music will stop and the screen will display the script and name of the voter you’ve reached. You need to speak right away, because the voter has already said “Hello?” to the system before it connected you; you don’t hear that part. They’re waiting for a response. If you don’t introduce yourself or greet them quickly, they’ll assume it’s a robocall and hang up.

Want to take a short break? Overwhelmed and need to pause? The “Next Call” button isn’t just for submitting your responses—it is also what tells the dialer that you are ready for more calls. So the easiest way to take a break is to simply not click on that button until you’re ready to talk to more voters. When you take your break, don’t hang up—just stay on the line while you take your break. (If you want to take a longer break, or if you’re done, then click on “This is my last call” instead of “Next Call” and you’ll be logged out of the predictive dialer. When you’re ready to start calling again, log back in.)

Stuck? If you can’t connect:

  • Make sure that your phone call to the predictive dialer tool wasn’t disconnected. If your phone is not “in-call” with the predictive dialer service, then log out of, close the dialer, and log back into it.
  • Sometimes, password managers can replace the ID and password with incorrect ones. If that happens, manually enter the campaign ID and password for your HubDialer campaign.

If you haven’t been connected to any voters for several minutes:

  • The HubDialer works efficiently with at least 10 callers using it, so make sure other volunteers are also calling at the same time as you.
  • Sometimes, the voter will hang up right after they answer the phone. If this happens, you’ll see the voter’s name pop up, but you’ll just hear silence on your phone. Most likely, the voter didn’t want to take a call right now, so mark them as “Not Home,” then click “Next Call.”
  • If there is a “Next Call” button on your screen, that means the dialer is waiting for you to click it. It won’t connect you to anyone else until you do that.
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