How do I pick up a voter for a ride to the polls?

When a voter in your area needs a ride, you’ll see their name on the screen in the driver app. 


Click on the Rider and you will see info for the ride request. To call the Rider or message them, just click the appropriate button.When you’re ready to commit to picking them up, click the green ‘Accept’ button. If you need to call or message the rider, click the appropriate buttons to open your Phone or Text Messaging app. 


Once you have accepted, you will see the pickup information until you have reached the Voter and confirmed pickup.  


To confirm you have picked up the Voter click the green ‘Rider Picked Up’. If you are not able to pick up the Rider (e.g. you get called away for an emergency, stuck in traffic, etc.) click the red ‘Cancel Pickup’. If the Voter doesn’t show up, or lets you know they no longer need a ride, click the grey ‘Archive Ride’ - this means they will no longer be visible to you in the app, and they will need to contact your local Dispatcher if they need to get back in the system.

When you drop the Rider off at their destination, click on ‘Complete Ride’ to let the system know you’ve completed the ride.


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