Storing and Sharing Information in Google Drive

Many campaigns and organizations find that Google Drive is a great resource for collaborating on, storing and sharing information. In fact, Ragtag recommends that if you have a document to share you share it from within something like Google Drive or Microsoft Office Drive, rather than attach it directly to an email. This is an effective way to lower your chances of being phished. Whenever using Google Drive or Microsoft Office Drive, taking steps to secure your account is vital. We have tips for good ways to do that here.

Let’s say you’re using Google Drive. Drive has “Link Sharing Settings” that allow you to determine how your materials are shared, and who can access them. Google Drive Help offers clear instructions on how to share folders

How do you make sure that you’re choosing the best sharing setting for the information you have? To answer this, it may be helpful to think about sharing your electronic documents in terms of how you would treat the info if it were on a piece of paper. Would you feel comfortable having it on a bulletin board at a local coffee shop? Then the “Anyone with a link can view” option is probably ok. See each of the options Google Drive offers, and suggestions for the types of information you might use each setting for.

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