Things to Never Store in a File on Google Drive

We recommend not storing the items below anywhere online, if at all possible. Doing so increases the risk that they could be accessed by someone who is unauthorized. 

  • Sensitive personal information
  • Usernames and passwords. Using a password manager is the only exceptionIf multiple people need to access one account, please see our guide on how to best handle shared accounts.
  • Credit card numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Scans of drivers licenses or other IDs
  • Opposition research about your own candidate
  • Notes from very sensitive campaign meetings
  • Any information about a person who might have a reasonable expectation that the information they shared with the campaign would not be shared publicly.

If you have G Suite Enterprise, you have an option available to you that can help you prevent someone from within your organization (meaning, someone using an account on your G Suite) from sharing sensitive information with someone who is outside your organization, via email or by sharing a document on the Drive. Google has published more information on this, called Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Drive, with instructions on how to set it up. Note that this won’t stop someone in your organization from storing sensitive info on your drive, only from sending it to an email that’s not a part of your G Suite.

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