1Password has two programs through which organizations can request a free or reduced-fee Team or Family accounts. Through 1Password for Democracy, accounts are free. Through 1Password for Good, accounts are available at a discount or for free, on a sliding scale. Applicants to both programs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For that reason, it’s difficult to describe the exact terms that will qualify an organization or an individual, but generally speaking, 1Password takes into consideration your impact, the amount of time you dedicate to the cause or campaign, and your access to funding. 

For either program, the steps to applying are the same:

  1. Visit the site for the program you wish to apply to.
  2. Enter your name, and the email that you will use for the account. 
  3. Choose “For my Team” or “For my Family.” If you’re an individual, choose “For my Family”
  4. Click “Get Started”
  5. Reply to the email you receive from 1Password with evidence that you qualify for the program. Applications that skip this step will not be considered.

1Password will send you an email, requesting documentation about yourself or your organization that shows that you qualify for the program. What they are looking for is evidence that you are who you say you are, and that you’re doing the work you say you’re doing. This might be your website, new articles written about you, or other official documentation, for example of your nonprofit status, or that you’re running for office. If your organization is under-resourced or dedicated significantly to your cause, providing evidence of this may help your application. 

  1.   Wait for a response. 

Upon signing up for one of these programs (by step 4), you will receive a 30-day free trial of the Team or Family account you requested. During this time, 1Password will review your application. The review time period varies, as each case is considered individually.

Which program should you apply to?  

1Password for Democracy was created for people who are:

  • running for office
  • working to ensure elections are fair
  • protecting people’s rights. 

These last two categories are broad, and according to 1Password, if you an activist or an advocate who is working on an issue that is directly related to issues of democracy - such as voting rights, or holding elected officials accountable - you are more likely to qualify for this program. 1Password for Democracy accounts remain valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5 year period, users can re-apply, to see if they still qualify for the free account.

1Password for Good was created for people who are “helping the world or protecting others.” If the issue you’re working on isn’t directly related to democracy or you’re not running for office, this is probably the program for you. If you’re unsure, 1Password recommends that you apply to this program, and they’ll place you in the appropriate program during the review process.

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